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world. not about ded det ceiling and how it pay for something we already bought. this isn't a return counter. this is beautiful skun try and beautiful sumóer. we ought to get out and debate what kind of country you want it live if and what kind of country you want this to be. that's why i like politics. roosevelt, kennedy, reagan stuff. the stuff young kids like me cared a lot of about. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with al sharpton. his message today, i said to them, get your ass in line. plus, is the gop deliberately trying to wreck obama's's con my? a downgrade threat looms and it could be devastating. also, did you hear the news? mitt romney won.
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this guy sounds like he's measuring the dra drapes at the white house. mitt, you could be in for a very rude awakening. and michele bachmann can't stand government spending, right? so why is she taking handouts from uncle sam? wait until you hear this one. welcome to the show, i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead, republicans going to town on the "american idol" can people. john boehner delayed a vote on list debt plan until tomorrow because budget experts say his math literally doesn't add up. but something else doesn't add up. the votes. in fact, the speaker is so desperate to build unity, that at a gop meeting last night, party leaders used a bank robber movie as inspiration. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later. and we're going to hurt some people.ç
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>> who's car we gonna take. >> the we're gonna lurt hurt some people, obviously got tlem riled pup. so much more that the congressman said, we're going it drive the car. what smor interesting is that the next scene in the movie, take a look at this. is. >> who is it? >> open up. >> [ bleep ]. >> is this really what republicans want to do to the american people? and who are they doing all of this for? the far right of their base. the tea party. well, let's take a look at the massive movement that's causing all of this. this is a video from a tea party
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rally today. tens of people turned out. no, not tens of thousands. tens. more reporters than supporters. and yet, they're the ones dictating the conversation and holding the economy hostage. joining me now, is the founder of the tea party nation, juddson phillips. let me ask you, juddson, what do you think about the speaker telling law makers to quote, get their ass in line? >> i would say he's the one who needs to get his back side in line. he got put into power with a record landslides. a record switch in the governing majority in the house of representatives. there's a reason that happened. it is becauseçó republicans rann a platform of cutting spending. at least some of the freshmen want to do something bizarre by washington standards, they want to honor their promise. the tea party message to boehner
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is, you need to honor your promise to. let's have serious cuts because america can't keep borrowing money or spending money that we have. >> with the storm troopers you were good doing grass roots stuff but now the grown folks, the republicans, that know better, we will take care of it now. just shut up and let us cut the deal. what is wrong with you? >> you know, that is actually -- i've been in politics a long time. that's an old republican establishment trick. they will tell the conservative grass roots to come in and do the heavy lifting during the election. sit down, shut up and let us do our thing. the tea party movement's got a message for washington. it's not business as usual any more. you went up there, made promises and we want you to live up to the promises. we have a gel here. my term goal, a year fwr now, i would love to see america back at full employment. i would love to see ep ploimt at under 5%.
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i would love to see everybody thriving. >> there's one suggestion i give you. now you and i both organize this certainly on different parts of the american spectrum. but if you want to give them a lesson, you might want to bring some people. did you see the rally y'all had today? judson, that is embarrassing. first of all, you bring enough people where, they stopped having to do the lawn more behind you guys. come on, if that isn't embarrassing enough, let me show you a gallup poll. this is the american people. the american people said in a gallup poll that their feelings of tea party was maybeç only 3 positive. 33%, i'm looking at the poll. add favorable view. so where the tea party has been able to put some of this dialogue way to the right, are you really spoking for the american people? >> well, i think so because every time we make a call to people to light up their
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congressman and senator's phone lines those phone lines get lit up. we made the call it light them up and guess what? house and senate servers crashed, their web sites, couldn't even get through to them. i don't know about the gallup poll. there are polls that say people hate us. there are polls that say people love us. but when it is time to sit down and get people to call and get their congressmen into action, they are listening because their constituents are teaching them a lesson. >> a an address to the lesson, the web sites crash when the president made the call. let's not confuse who made the call on the american people to call. let me give you another example. show you how much people in your own party, people with proven power, the language to the republicans that i had to read because i don't like using that
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language in public, and then senator john mccain, your nominee in the last election, let me show you what he today say about you guys. >> the idea seems to be thap if the house gop refuses to raise the debt ceiling, a default crisis or gradual government shut down will ensue and the public will turn enmass against barack obama. this is the kind of crack political thinking that turns sharron angle and christine o'donnell into gop senate nominees. >> crack political thinking. that's what they think of you guys. they use you guys to protect the fat guys and corporate jets and big super rich. you're expendable now, crack thinkers. don't you understand? they play you against the poor and you're skpentable now. let those guys handle it. they got to protect the big guys. >> now know, that is coming from
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john mccain whose campaign might be compared to custard, except custer's came out better than mccain's did. in 2012 a conservative will be elected so i think that will speak for itself. his his brand was she lacks in 2007 within 2008. mine won the house of representative by record numbers in 2010. >> yeah, but now your brand of conservative is told, get your butts in line. don't get too big for yourself. because you've done your job. you're saving the corporate jet guys. you're closing in making sure to protect the loops holes. now just shut up and let us handle it, we've got movies it watch. thank you judson phillips. thank you for being here with me. >> thank you for having me. >> hosts of the bill press show on sirius radio, gentlemen, it is quite interesting, looks like mr. boehner is trying to get a
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little tough. he is feeling the squeeze. particularly when we see the cbo report come out and say, his numbers don't add up. how do you deal with the fact? that mr. boehner comes out in front of whole country, what a plan. opposing senator reid's plan, and the numbers don't add up? we supposed to, as the american people, believe in a plan and believe inç a speaker who can' even add up the numbers right? ? >> did you not see that harry reid's own numbers didn't add up according to the cboa, al? by a far greater number than baners? you're right. they went to 150 million or 250 billion off. so they have have to make it off to the budget accounts equal the debt ceiling. here is how i do disagree about w my friend, the tea party fellow there. i think the tea party, al, has
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bonn twhon battle. there will be no taxes. there will be spending cuts. a short term increase on the debt ceiling. when that is done the tea party can come back and fight against. i would tell mr. judson phillips, no need to run up the zoer, you take your victory and come back and fight again in april. >> bill, that's what i just told them. they did what they are supposed to do. they protected the rich guys, just like pat said. you won for us, we don't need you any more. >> no, look, on that point, i think pat is right thp i think boehner won, the deal that bomb offered him last week and boehner walked way from it. >> the story, al, is it is not president obama versus the republicans any more, republicans are fighting among themselves. boehner, you said he is about to lose control. he lost control a long time ago. the reason he today put off his vote today, is because he didn't have the votes. that's the aridge ma ticks.
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jim jordan says he cannot count enough votes among republicans to get it passed. so the tea parties are not following pat's advice or your advice, reverend al, not following john boehner's admonition. they dant want to raise the debt ceiling, no way, no how. this is less than a week and obama is going to have to do this on his own.ç otherwise it won't get done. >> the tea party thought they were in charge. >> they are in charge. they're running the show. >> even today when speaker boehner was on lori ingraham's show, she said, deactually do this to members of his own caucus. listen to what he snez. >> is it true you told some of the republicans this morning you need to get your a-word in line, before this debt ceiling, bill? >> i sure did. this is time to do what is doable. this bill isn't perfect wib told the members that the last couple
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of days. but that's what happens when have you a democrat-controlled senate and democrat in the white house. >> now, pat -- the wall street journal and lead editorial this morning. even they are saying maybe they don't understand that what they are doing, if they pushed too far. re-electing president bm. if you looked at the polls, 72%, look at this poll. 72% support raising taxes of those making over $250,000 year. they may win the battle and lose the war. >> well with you know reverend sharpton, if the american people favor it by 72%, you wonder about barack obama last december didn't let the push tax cuts lapse. they didn't even fight that battle but i do agree with you to this extent, look, you got to let boehner run the last series of downs in this game. there's no need to try it run up the score. we got a victory. and i think if the tea party
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folks don't put boehner's plan across and send it over to the senate, we're going to get something of harry reid's plan or boehner will have to go toç steny hoyer and it will be worse. grab the trophy and leave the stadium. >> i think the president said he did that last december, with the unemployment held hostage. i said it last night on the show and leading democrats are saying it now, the 14th amendment, look at this. this time i think he should call -- >> okay. >> let me speak it that, al. i raise that today at the white house briefing. >> hang on. i want you to see what some of the leading democrats are saying on the 14th amendment. >> he should sign and executive order. envoccing the 14th amendment to this issue. >> you leave it to the president to take whatever action is within his power by his right under the constitution.
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to move this country forward and -- >> envoc the 14th amendment and make sure that is taken care of. >> i said it last night on this show. that i wish you would do it, bill. now we have congressman clyburn number three in the house. anothers say go to the 14th amendment, forget about these guys. >> i think they are absolutely right. that the and i talked about the war powers a lot. both of us think it is outrageous that we have let presidents get way with war without a deck declaration of war from congress. i don't think this will be a house bill. i don't think this will be a senate bill, so the president will have a choice. does he use his executive authority and save this country or does he let it go down? i hope he stands up to the plate. i don't care whether it is the 147b8g amendment or the war powers act. i think the president has to be prepared it act. here, reverend al, here is what bothersç me a little bit.
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jake karny said at the white house that they don't think the president should get way this. i don't think they should give it atwla soon. >> it is unprecedent to have this debt relief. how many times did you raise it under reagan. how many times did you raise it under bush? what is going on is unprecedent. >> wait a minute, you got the congress of the united states which is a branch of government which has the authority to raise the debt ceiling or not. now, first let me talk to this. you talked to it bill, let me talk to it for a second. >> yeah. >> i think if the president did that the ball would go to reid and schumer saying you fellows are leading the senate of the united states, senior body of the legislative branch and he is walking all over you. what are you going to do about it. i think if they took it they would look weak. the president is not a strong enough man, al. he is rolled three or four times already. he is not somebody that will go up there and -- he is not like ronald reagan. he is not like franklin
6:16 pm
roosevelt for heaven sakes. >> first of all, we are talking about -- we are talking about if the congress does not act, and that's not hypothetical, i think there's a 60, 70% chance they are not going to act. if they don't, then the president has the choice. if he does it and people don't like it, they can sue them. i think that's what obama ought to say. i'm not going to let the country go down. you sue me. >> i think we have clearly said what our positions are. pat says the president just rolls over. he should stand up and go for it like george bush when he got bin laden. oh, that was obama. bill press, pat buchanan, thanks for your time. mitt romney is talking vp picks. i'm sorry. did i miss the election? i didn't realize he had already won this thing. plus,ç michele bachmann has big government spending so much she decided to get some of her own. wait until you hear this one. and scott walker voter
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remember when mitch mcconnell said his number one role was it make president obama a one-time president? well, the plan it crush his economy is working. the downgrade threat is a very real and very scary threat. former government nor edwin dell is on that next.
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our top political priority over the next two years should to be deny president obama a second term. >> republicans have said that their top priority is beating president obama. but are they tanking the economy on purpose? to get the job done? po politico report says financial analysts say loss of a triple trip aaa rating would hit americans with more than $100 billion a year in higher bore roying costs but would not do more than that. he is dragging the country in the wrong direction. joining me now is nbc news political analyst and former dnc chair, governor ed rendell. ed, will republicans try and hang this around the neck of the president next year? no matter how it turns out? >> well, sure and it's why, al, i feel so strongly, to go back it your last segment, which was
6:22 pm
very interesting, i think the president if there is no bill presented to them by august 2nd, has to envoc the 147b8g amendment. is it questionable legally in maybe, maybe so. but when i was governor of pennsylvania my general counselor, an incredible smart woman named barbara adams, she would tell me often, gov governor, i'm not sure this is legal. i would say, barbara, this is in the interest of the people. if someone sues us, we will stop doing it pb but until then, he will do it. that's what president should do, he should lead. >> now, people don'tç understa why you, myself, congressman clyburn, others be saying this, because they don't understand what is at stake. a lot of people talk in the high-fa looting terms. i try to talk so people understand. whether they agre or not, at least understand it. so let's talk about what downgrading the aaa rating of this country really means to the average guy on the street,
6:23 pm
governor. what will this mean? >> well, what it means is that every interest rate you pay, credit card, mortgage, if you've got a variable rate mortgage, every one of them will go up for the american family. when our overall u.s. credit rating gets downgraded, it has a ripple effect and it causes interest raltes to go up. so it comes out of the pocketbook of every american. for businesses it hurts their ability to borrow money at a tenable interest rate. so that means they don't hire. they don't invest. they lay people off. it could have a spiralling effect on the economy. it is so aggravating and makes me so angry, al. when you consider that under ronald reagan, there is raised more than any other american president. ronald reagan, and people heard his quote, the great quote where he says, why wouldn't we raise the debt limit, it's in the
6:24 pm
interest of the country. it is still in the interest of country today. i think voters have to listen and learn from this. if these guys, and i'm not talking all republicans, but the vast majority, if they sabotage the country, the president has it act. in any event if this country's plummet rating plumets down hill people should not forget who caused it. cf1 o the dow went down 200 points today. i mean, we're seeing the signs already. 200 point drop today. wall street journal is talking about businesses preparing for a default. i mean, we are already looking at the signs they are prepare something that will hit the guy on street. they are trying to pim press people with how smart they are. i'm here trying to talk to the regular guy, saying they are talking about us. this is real deal stuff and they
6:25 pm
are not talking about the stuff thatter with concerned about. because what they really want to o do is let's not talk about jobs. let's not talk about what is happen together average american. let's play games. look at where the american people are. what is the most important problem facing the country? >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> economy in general, 31%, unemployment jobs, 27 and the debt, 16%. but if they can flip the script, turn it around and blame unemployment on the president p t is a straight shot for them. we can't be that silly. >> right and people have to remember what hypocrites most of the republicans are. you probably get sick as i do of hearing them talk about job creators. we can't raise taxes on job creators. we have to liston to the job creators. the job creators are telling them loud and clearly this is disastrous for our country. whaen are they doing. they are not listening to the job creators.
6:26 pm
they are so hell bent on destroying barack obama and destroying with it the american economy in the short run, that they are not even listening to the people that they always say are the most important people when determiningç our economic upturn or downturn. >> you know, i had to apologize to him the other night because i figured out they weren't talking about the same job creators you and i were talking about. they are talking about the guys who are creating jobs, just not in this country. they are doing very well, making huge profit employing people overseas. they are job creators, just not job creators. i again want to go back, governor, to with one thing you said though. if this goes down where there is no bill, you are saying the president ought to act if there if there is some question on the law, let the lawyers fight it out but we've got to act. >> if the president's interpretation is wrong. it is no big deal. he acted in the best interest of country. and if he is wrong, then we're back to square one. but i happen to think he is
6:27 pm
probably would be right to do it. even if he is wrong, he stalls the problem for a while and acted in the best interest of this country. most importantly, the president with a very good descent honorable man, there are times when you have to lead. you have to lead. and he has given them every lead way. he has retreated many, many times. he said he will do a bill without revenue as long as it gets through 2012. pat buchanan is right. pat is a pretty smart guy, al. republicans should take the deal to have a bill with no revenue through 2012. raise up the victory flag and declare victory. i believe it would be a hollow victory because i believe we fight them out in the 2012 election and kill them in the 2012 election and they can claim victory. >> the president put it all on the table. put everything they wanted on the table. but how do you talk to guys that watch ben affleck movies, get their ski mask ready and say, we
6:28 pm
got to hurt somebody. it'sç not an easy crew to negotiate with. ahead, the tea party is rebelling against boehner. is his job in jeopardy? you'll hear what he says about it. and michele bachmann claims to hate government spending. but we caught her taking another handout. that con job revealed next. ♪ ♪ you are my sunshine
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he. michele bachmann bites the hand that feeds her. and help movement is her into a big fancy new house. that's our con job of the day. bachmann riles up tea party by slamming the government's involvement with mortgage companies. fannie mae and freddie mac. >> start with freddie and fanny. these failed nationalized mortgage mon stros its would be put on an auction block and sold to the highest bidder. minimum bid, 50 cents. >> but without fannie and freddie, bachmann couldn't have bought her 5200 square foot house on a minnesota golf course. washington post huff reports balk maen and her husband signed a $417,000 mortgage in 2008.
6:33 pm
backed by either fannie mae or freddie mac and they have steadily attacked freddie and fannie ever since. >> there is an assurance that this would be the back stop for feddy and fanny. that's part of the problem. we want to see freddie and fanny put on the auction block, divide up and sold off. >> this is not the first time bachmann tried to have it both ways when it comes for government spending. bachmann calls for cutting medicaid but her husband's counseling clinic has over $160,000 in medicaid funds and other government money. while bachmann says she wants it farm has gotten $260,000 in federal subcy dies. bachmann claims to hate government spend bug she is more than willing to take hand kwouts from uncle sam.
6:34 pm
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at a republican fund-raiser lastç night he floated name of possible running mates. governor mcdonnell, chris christie and governor rub yoo. i thought you needed to win before you started talking about running mates. last night while stumping in new hampshire romney told the crowd quote by will probably be black in four years only this time with a larger group and i will probably have secret service. really? mr. romney, you might be in for a big surprise. a new gallup poll shows rick perry right up there and he is not even in the race.
6:38 pm
even vegas put their money on perry taking the nomination so mitt, where's the boastful bravado coming from? joining me now, david wine gold, political reporter for the slate. and msnbc contributor. and steve kornaki political columnist for thank you both forbeing with us. is romney just that sure of himself? is he trying to project the kind of rose garden strategy without the rose garden or is he just arrogant? >> i've been watching mitt rom fee for about two decades now since his first race in massachusetts in 1949. one thing i noticed about him is this veneer of polish to him where he seems like a really charismatic persuasive calm guy. but when you get him in the
6:39 pm
settings where he needs it talk off cuff or requests with the crowd or q & a with reporters, he says clumsy things. i remember noticing that 15, 20 years ago. and now we are seeing it now. it gives ammunition to his owe opponents and to the press for them to say, that he looks arrogant, presuming he is the winner, and you never want to look like that in politics. >> is he clumsy or trying to project a victor's image here? >> i don't think this is clukssy. the first thing you brought up about the running mate short list, look, it was, when he was signalling with that to conservative voters still making up their minds whether or not they can ever support this guy is that will give them a running mate they can swallow. in 2008 a guy named john mccain. he realized he had weakness with conservative base and wanted a big splash for the rest of the
6:40 pm
country and he chose sarah palin as his running mate. >> that was a big splash. saying that mark is 07b your ticket is obvious because he is from florida. >> in florida these days -- go ahead. >> it says to the tea party activists, yes, i've been reading the right memos and paying atoengs your brochures. i support the same things you support. same with christie. the question is when you are looking for a nominee, looking for leadership, we're in the middle after debt crisis. we're in the middle of this country facing default. and we have not heard mr. romney say anything. i mean, if you are going to say i'm the guy that should be the president, should you be able to say, this is what i do rather than the president? and when they were confronted with, are you going to support the boehner plan? he didn't even answer. his spokesman answered and said,
6:41 pm
governor romney thinks the president's leadership has been a failure. he applauded boehner for standing firm against raising taxes when our nation can least afford them. what does that mean? do youç support the boehner pl or the tea party plan? i mean, and do you say something yourself? i mean, how do you have an alternative leader that doesn't lead in the middle after crisis? i remind you and david, in the middle of the financial crisis, george bush was president. even john mccaine suspended his campaign, ran to washington. senator, then senator obama came to washington. mccain had anything to say when he got there but he made a dramatic entry. romney is not even doing that. >> sure. although people would say mccain overplayed his hand by suspending it and overreacting. >> but he reacted. >> to a real serious situation.
6:42 pm
the strategy mitt romney has is a two-prong strot strategy but it boils down to, he is in a fairly good position to win the republican nomination next year. if he does, then the only major strategy that works for him is, obama's got to lose. he the challenger. obama is the incumbent. obama is going to lose if mitt romney doesn't do anything -- bales barack obama out. so when you are in that situation, the best thing to do in politics, sad to say, is not say anything. if you say something, you're giving people ammunition. >> like, when they took the crucial test, i was absent, teacher. he has a big problem with rick perry. look at rick perry's numbers and he is not even in the race. so before he starts getting ready to choose his running mates, rick perry -- look at the poll numbers. 33.5%.
6:43 pm
are 29% for romney. this is betting going on for who will be the nominee. that's notç a good picture for mr., i don't have an opinion on the biggest crisis in the country romney. >> and some of the people are buying perly early but these are the same people who said in 2007 within that 80% said hillary clinton had a chance in that situation. it is good for romney if there are a bunch of candidates divvying up the vote that didn't like him. michele bachmann can't quite convince that you can win iowa and other states. tim pawlenty is held down by everyone who is more interesting than him. if perry is in there, there are three or four candidates and that's how john mccain won the nomination. the danger is there is not any southern candidate for the right nomination and romney has been leading in polls and some polls in florida and south carolina
6:44 pm
where he didn't win last time. if perry is in there there is a huge block of the republican primary and republicans weigh the southern states higher. it is tougher for him to grind out the nomination. for now i think it makes it easier tore him to split the vote. up and keep a lead. >> all right, david and steve, thanks. ahead, is boehner's job as speaker in jeopardy? you won't believe what he says. . i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas. somewhere in america,
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man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. welcome back to the show. now to talk about some of today's hottest stories let's bring on the power pan elt. radio show host jeff santos. also with me is political reporter for the washington post, nia çmalika henderson, a gop strategist, ron christie. will speaker boehner get a dear john letter from republicans in his handling of the debt fight has some wondering if his job as speaker is in jeopardy. he talked to nbc's bryant williams about it today. >> mr. speaker is it fair to say
6:49 pm
you have a bit after rebellion on your hands? or do you feel -- >> oh, i've got a little rebellion on my hands everyday. it comes with the territory. >> never let them see you sweat. >> williams then asked if his speakership rides on this. boehner responded, quote, oh, i wouldn't go that far. but this is a big moment. so ron, would you go that far? does list speakership rider on this debt fight? >> good evening, reverend al. i think he is in perfect shape. have you 78 members of the freshman class trying to stop the spending addition we have here in washington. he brought his responsibilities as speaker of the thousand govern the ins tougs but the fact that people are suggesting that his speakership would ride on the balance that there's not a deal that's accept a f acceptable is nonsense. he is well liked he was put in the leadership fora reason. strong steady leadership of the
6:50 pm
till. he's fine. >> maybe ron is missing something. >> yeah be i think so. >> freshmen congressman said he needs to be speaker. >> yeah, michele bachmann doesn't think so, reverend al and i don't think a lot of other republicans do as well. eric cantor is waiting in line. i think he is getting very itchy being number two. they remind me a lot, the republicans, of david snyder, owner of the redskins. he changes quarter backs every year np i think that's exactly the republicans problem. >> nia, do you think that we are,ç when we see eric cantor, who was offusly overshadowing boehner at one point and then boehner today go on and brace them and say we're together. do you think this is more real than mr. boehner's trying to pretend today that there's a real threat to his leadership if this does not come out right? >> well, we will see tomorrow. that's the big test. he has it figure out if he can
6:51 pm
get the 217 votes for this bill, which will probably then be at least in his mind, the blueprint for some sort of negotiations to raise the debt ceiling. i think one of the things that a speaker obviously has to dos well is to set up all of the reelection prospects for the members. so the question in 2012, did the speaker pro individual a viegs, rational off of their candidacy and rational for a republican presidency. so i think that's the real test and there will be many other moments the next couple of months as the presidential race unfolds and as other topics come up in the congress. >> well, we'll see. let me ask another question. are liberal's really feeling left behind in conservatives overjoyed by a new poll showing the president losing support on the left. washington post polls said the numbers who liked the president's records on jobs have dropped 22% so far this year.
6:52 pm
but the huffington post has looked back at history and in fact, president obama has higher support among democrats at this point in his presidency then any democratic president since harry truman. so nia malika are the rumors of the president and the left greatly exaggerated? >> in some way, yes. i think the polls speak to that people genuinelyç like this president. whether they agree with him on what he is doing on the economy, he is a likeable person. at least people feel that way. talking to democrats they say that's one of the reasons his poll numbers generally aren't lower, that he is about 37 to 48% in polls. people think he is genuinely doing the best he can. even if you look at the way presidential candidates weigh in against him, they use phrases like, he is a good man.
6:53 pm
they think he is earnest with a good family but he failed the economy. there is a genuine good feeling about this president. a sense that he at least is trying to dot right thing. >> ron, you would admit you're a republican. you admit he is a good man trying to dot right thing, wouldn't you? >> i think sea good man. >> great. i think he is a contribution to the -- >> i don't think he is trying to take the country in the right direction. he is taking us absolutely in the wrong direction. the broader question you should have asked here al is that his numbers are plummeting. his numbers among college-educated people are plummeting. >> according what poll? >> i've been watching gallup and rasmussen the last few weeks. >> you need to look at it that's not true. >> it is al. >> he has gone up in independence. >> go to and look at it everyday. there are interesting polls that has rasmussen points out.
6:54 pm
the president has taken us in the wrong direction. obama care is a highly unpopular and going back to john boehner. >> thank you, ron. i love the republican history made up in textbooks and texas. this is the facts. the republicans all on2the way from day one with the stimulus package, you have to get people to give olympia snow and spector, to give a lot more people in swing states, that obama is in now, if we had the stimulus done. ron, let me finish. are we frustrated by the fact that obama talked on republican talking points? yes. but he will lead and he is going to start today talking about jobs for our people who are unemployment and underemployment. if he does that, he will win in november. >> i have to go jeff. thank you very much. i think all of you for a panel
6:55 pm
tonight that was full of information. we'll be right back. whoa. right? get out. i know! who knew? i mean. exactly! really. that's what i mean. [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? seriously. who knew? hello sir. bingo! mahjong! for realz. woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey, there's oreo creme under that fudge!
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wisconsin governor scott walker is fighting for his political life so he is doing anything he can to gain the upper hand. as we reported, walker signed a voter id bill into law saying people need a photo id to vote. then he closed as many as ten state dmv offices where people of course go for those photo ids. now we have this undercover video showing just how hard it is to get that id. nbc news is not confirmed its authenticity but the video purports to show this woman getting her son, 16 years old, id to vote an a local dmv. >> is this checking or savings.
6:59 pm
>> checking. >> but does it show activity? we need it see activity, not just a balance. >> really? wisconsin has five criteria to get a voter id. none of them mention bank activity. and this is the problem with all of these voter id laws and the other seems to that are going on all over the country. in different forms. in states around the country that are set up to deal with voter id and in my judgment, voter suppression. voting is the basis of making a democracy work. women td fight to get the right to vote. blacks die died. citizen can vote whether we agree or not. my mother grew up in alabama. she con vote until she was way in her 20s.

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